KX Tuning fuel injection and ignition controller kit KX250/KX450

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Product Description

This KX F.i. Calibration Controller kit can be applied to KX250F/KX250 and KX450F/KX450 MY 2013 onwards
The Kawasaki KX FI Calibration Controller is a portable handheld tool with a built in color LCD screen. It is resistant to dust (IP-55) easy to use, so no need to use laptop anymore.
It comes with transfer and diagnostic cables, SD memory card, user manual and a carrying case. There is no datalogging function.
Accessing the ECU is accomplished simply by connecting the controller using the provided cables (no PC or battery necessary)
The controller works for 2hr. with built in battery. Maps can be stored on a PC: data transfer between the controller and a PC can be done via SD card. Supplied with AC powerplug for EU and UK.
Including 7 patterns default setting:
Richer or leaner fuel setting (± 5%)
Advanced or retarded ignition setting (± 3 deg.)
Hard or soft riding surface setting
Beginner setting
For more advanced setting optimization, the ECU maps for volume of fuel injected and ignition timing can be adjusted for given throttle position and rpm.  When connected to the ECU, the KX FI Calibration Controller can be used to display the status of a running engine.
In total 4 parts are needed:
  1 KX Fi calibration controller 
  2 WIRE LEAD (to connect the kit to KX)
  3 BRACKET/CLAMP (to fix above cable to KX)
  4 CD-ROM with latest modelyear mappings and instructions

2021MY-2022MY  KX250 (KX252C) + KX250X (KX252D)
2021MY-2022MY  KX450 (KX450J) + KX450X (KX450K)
  99999-0614 – KX F.i. Calibration controller kit 16MY->
  26011-0933 – Wire-Lead for Calibration Controller
  92037-1794Bracket for bike (Clamp, harness)
  57011-0004 – Upgrade-CD ROM 2016-2022MY

(For older models, please check PARTS & ACCESSORIES -> Model Accessories -> OFF-ROAD and select KX model for appliccable part numbers)