KFX90 – Tougher Terrain & Bigger Adventures

Firmly established in many global markets as the ideal youth or “first time” powered off-road four-wheeler, the KFX 90 will officially appear in the UK for the first time in 2023.

Aggressively styled to echo larger, adult focused KFX quad machines – as well as drawing influence from the two-wheeled KX motocross range – there is no mistaking the updated and restyled frontal area of the lime green racing bodywork with its tall front fenders and Kawasaki branded handlebar pad, but that is just a small part of the story.

While junior dreams of all the terrain they will conquer…. and all the mud they will blast through, parents will zone in on some of the great safety features that create reassurance and allow safe and structured use of this, the first powered vehicle many of the riders will have ever operated.

To start with; the electric starter. The KFX90 is started by inserting and turning an ignition key (that at other times can be kept safe and “out of harm’s way”) plus there is a clever “starter lock-out” safety feature meaning the KFX90 can only be started with the brakes fully applied. And in terms of brakes, no corners are cut with handlebar levers left and right with the front drum brakes operated from the right lever plus a powerful hydraulic rear disc actuated by the left handlebar lever.

That’s start and stop dealt with but what about Go? Utilising a compact and time-proven 89.9cc four-stroke , air-cooled engine, the KFX90 is CVT equipped meaning the only thing junior has to concentrate on is what appropriate speed to travel at and when to apply the brakes leaving the continuously variable transmission to do the rest. Incidentally, there is a throttle stop mechanism that can be set by an adult supervisor so that learning to operate the KFX90 can be done step-by-step with a grown up rationing the urge available.

Two other areas where style meets practicality are the footboards and the new lighting array. Deep non-slip material equipped footboards and compact bodywork styling ensure that the riders’ feet remain inboard and safe at all times, while LED front accent lights and a large rear light are bright, easy to see and low maintenance.

Underpinned by a highly competent and rigid steel cradle chassis with high quality independent adjustable A-arm front suspension and swingarm rear suspension, the KFX is a great introduction to both powered off-road vehicles and Kawasaki. Bring on the Tougher Terrains and Bigger Adventures, the KXF90 is ready and waiting.  

The KXF90 will arrive in dealers in late October and the SRP is £3,299